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Gregory Fahy, Ph.D.

World renowned expert on Cryobiology Research.

Dr. Fahy received his Ph.D. in pharmacology and cryobiology from the Medical College of Georgia in 1977 and worked at the American National Red Cross on kidney banking at cryogenic temperatures (cryopreservation) from 1977-1995.

He worked at the Naval Medical Research Institute and served as the Chief Scientist of two biotechnology companies from 1995-1997, until moving to California to join 21st Century Medicine (21CM) in 1998, where he rapidly became the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Vice President of the company. While he is mostly known for his work on fundamental cryobiology and kidney cryopreservation, he has also had a lifelong fascination with the biology of aging, and in 2010 published a multi-authored book called “The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension” as the editor-in-chief.

In addition to continuing to serve as the CSO of 21CM, Dr. Fahy is currently conducting a human clinical trial of aging reversal based at Stanford University, the focus being on reversal of human immune system aging, which is believed to be a major cause of death and illness in people over the age of 65. Some notable recent accomplishments include publication of the first paper demonstrating survival of a kidney after cooling to – 130oC, rewarming, and transplantation; the winning, with coworker Robert McIntyre, of the Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize; the achievement of institutional and FDA approval for his first human clinical trial; and four months of progress in his clinical trial to date with no serious side effects, and with great enthusiasm on the part of trial volunteers.

Future plans include demonstrating greatly improved methods of organ banking, the elimination of human autoimmune disorders, and the elimination of transplant rejection.

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